Shia militants in Palmyra

After a few days in which the rumors about a syrian-iraqi offensive were spreding, finaly it has made official by many pro-government sources and Hashd Al Shaabi sources that the offensive will take place in the coming days.

Currently the amount of troops that will take part in the offensive is unknown but several sources said that the number will be around 1100-1200 without providing any evidence of it. The goal of the offensive is the progress through the road that leads to Deir ez Zor to lift the siege that the government controlled part of the city is suffering. And then try to progress towards the city fields. Besides, these news are bound to a significant increase of Russian bombing in the field of Palmira with Tu-22M3 bombers which would be an important Russian support for this offensive. The groups participating in the offensive are Kataib Imam Ali (confirmed by photos of the group), Kataib Hezbollah and Liwa Abu Fadl Al Abbas. These groups will join the Hazara militiamen of Liwa Al Fatemiyun and troops of 60 Brigade EAS remaining in Palmyra.

This adds up to a major change in the command of troops remaining in Deir ez-Zor and around the east of the country that have become commanded by Major General Hasan Mohamed Mohamed (former commander of the 17th Division). They have also created new syrian shia milita unit in the city.

Photos of Kataib Imam Ali in Palmyra
Screenshot at jul 24 11-12-16
Screenshot at jul 24 11-12-54
Interesting see that some uniforms are former iraqi army uniforms.
Screenshot at jul 24 11-15-54
Screenshot at jul 24 11-17-29
Screenshot at jul 24 11-22-05
Changes in Deir redoubt
Screenshot at jul 24 11-33-12
Major General Hasan Mohamed Mohamed visiting wounded soldiers in Deir.
Screenshot at jul 24 11-35-01
Rusian soldier in Deir ez Zor.
Screenshot at jul 24 11-36-29
New shia tribal group called Imam Zein Al Abded brigade. 



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